June Trisciani, Alderman At-Large

Why I serve…

When asked for one word to describe Manchester, I always come back to resilience. Over the years, Manchester has seen its ups and downs, from a thriving mill town, through recessions and on to regrowth. Through it all, Manchester has continued to move forward. Today, as a small city, Manchester has much to offer. We need strong community leaders, working together collaboratively, to effectively tackle the challenges our city faces. To paraphrase inaugural poet Amanda Gorman, we are “…not broken but simply unfinished.

As your Alderman At-Large, I am working with the local community and with our city & state officials to ensure that we…

  • Foster community involvement. Building community partnerships is a great way to increase citizen involvement, ultimately improving our city.
  • Promote transparency and awareness. Transparency promotes trust in government. At the city level we face many decisions, and as your Alderman At-Large, I will work to share information as available and promote public participation and feedback, to address your concerns.
  • Advocate for our schools. As a former teacher, I know the challenges educators face and recognize that the obstacles continue to evolve. Administrators, teachers, staff and students need our support to ensure that we meet their needs and make public education a priority.
  • Maintain and promote our resources. Manchester is fortunate to have a vast amount of historical, cultural, and natural resources. As a community, we must continue to protect these resources, to preserve and improve our city’s quality of life.
  • Build the economy. Small business is the bedrock of any community. As a small business owner, I am very aware of the challenges of this past year. As we move forward from this unprecedented pandemic, we need continued focus on the health and growth of small business in our community.  
  • Address mental health challenges. Caring for friends and neighbors is critical to the success of every community. Though we have made strides, our current social structures have cracks. To best tackle the challenges before us, we must continue to work with our community partners (local, state, faith-based) to ensure services are accessible. By addressing these challenges at a systemic level, we are better able to meet the basic needs of every member of our community.
  • Celebrate diversity & equality. Building a community from a diverse people is at the heart of the American experience. Diversity has always been part of Manchester’s culture, and we must continue to appreciate the uniqueness every individual brings to our community. Embracing diversity strengthens our city, improves quality of life and fosters a welcoming environment.
  • Increase opportunities to create affordable housing. Our economic well being depends on sufficient supply of housing to support mid- to lower-income families. We must continue to work at the state and local levels to find ways to reduce front end costs & expand housing opportunities.