You have two votes for Alderman At-Large, I hope one will be for me!

Where do I Vote? What Ward am I in?

Polls are open from 6 AM – 7 PM, Primary: Sept. 21; General: Nov. 2

Ward 1: Webster School Auditorium, 2519 Elm Street (*handicapped accessible entrance/parking available in rear of building)

Ward 2: Hillside Middle School, 112 Reservoir Ave

Ward 3: Carol M. Rines Center, 1528 Elm Street (*use rear entrance, not Elm Street entrance)

Ward 4: McDonough School, 550 Lowell Street

Ward 5: Beech Street School, 333 Beech Street

Ward 6: Henry J. McLaughlin Middle School, 201 Jack Lovering Drive

Ward 7: St. Anthony Community Center, 148 Belmont Street

Ward 8: Memorial High School, One Crusader Way

Ward 9: Bishop Leo E. O’Neil Youth Center, 30 South Elm Street

Ward 10: Parker-Varney School, 223 James Pollock Drive

Ward 11: Gossler School, 145 Parkside Avenue

Ward 12: Northwest Elementary School, 300 Youville Street

Map of Polling Locations