June is a Primary Write-In for NH State Senate

June will represent us in Concord and will work on these Issues:

Healthcare & Reproductive Health

Everyone deserves access to affordable healthcare that includes mental health and addiction services. We must work together to continue to expand affordable healthcare options (without exclusions for pre-existing conditions), telemedicine services and programs that reduce prescription drug costs. I will fight to restore funding to community health centers, provide affordable options for childcare and support hospitals that provide reproductive healthcare throughout the state.

Strengthen our Economy

New Hampshire has much to offer and I will support legislation that provides economic opportunity, quality jobs, workforce training and an increase to the minimum wage. We need to work together to ensure that young families living and working in NH have avenues and opportunities that help them stay in NH. 

Property Taxes

Working families across the state are feeling the strain of increases in local property taxes.  We must provide long-term, sustainable solutions for funding public education and other essential state services that provide relief to local property taxpayers.

Public Education

As a former educator, I understand the importance of public/equal education for all of our children. It has been proven time and time again that our school funding model is broken and the continued push to dismantle public education has to stop. I strongly oppose the voucher program in its current form and will fight to end this attack on our public schools.


From the seacoast to the mountains with many lakes and forests in between, NH has so much nature to enjoy. I will work to promote renewable energy sources and energy efficiency programs that will lower energy costs and preserve our environment for future generations.


With less than 1% rental vacancy rate, rents are skyrocketing making it impossible for our most vulnerable community members to find housing. As an Alderman in Manchester and former chair of their Planning Board, I have always worked to expand access to quality housing. As a senator, I will continue to fight for programs that create housing opportunities for low to middle income families.